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A very warm welcome to my website

Here you will be able to learn more about me and the counselling service I provide. Whilst it often requires courage to seek help or acknowledge a problem even exists, my intention is to make the process of obtaining help and support as easy and natural as possible. My hope is that you will find the information here accurate, interesting and lacking in psycho-babble!

My website will provide you with an overview of my practice, my own unique style and give you a realistic expectation of counselling. Nothing hidden and no surprises!

Getting to know me

I have a Degree (BA Hons) in Transactional Analysis Counselling and a Diploma in Counselling (The Metanoia Institute). I have trained in Eating Disorders (The National Centre for Eating Disorders) and have integrated CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Brief Solutions Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and many other modes and skills from additional training.

As a member of BACP I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practise in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure, currently in force.

As a counsellor, my work has covered many aspects of human experience such as anxiety, depression, postnatal depression, abuse, addiction and substance misuse, trauma, relationship issues, emotional neglect, eating disorders, lack of motivation / direction, stress, anger, self esteem issues, loss and insomnia.

Over the past five years I have worked as a voluntary counsellor within the NHS, helping clients change unwanted behaviours and working with their underlying issues. I currently work within my private practice based in aldbourne, wiltshire.

My Aim

There are times when our life experiences and expectations make it difficult to find peace and emotional freedom. Sometimes, we just can’t imagine how ‘things’ could be different or how we will ever get what we want and find satisfaction and fulfilment.

My aim is to provide a space in your life where you can just ‘be’; where your thoughts and feelings come first; where you feel safe and appreciated for who you are.

Counselling provides the opportunity to step off ‘the conveyor belt of life,’ gives you time to reflect, helps clarify your thinking and values your feelings. It gives you the skills to develop stepping stones towards change by exploring options, making new decisions and helping you towards reaching your full potential. I will support you through times of uncertainty and help you to decide on a direction and plan of action that feels right and works for you.

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, you can feel certain that my professional, caring, attentive and committed approach will reflect my genuine interest in helping you to change your present and rewrite your future.

My Philosophy

We all know that to survive we must meet our basic needs for food , shelter, warmth and water. However, to live successful and fulfilled lives, it is our emotional needs which are equally crucial for our well being and sometimes even for our survival. When our needs are met in balance we feel fulfilled and our emotional, mental and psychological health improves. We feel stable.

Counselling can help you to identify your needs and discover your strengths and resources, gain valuable insight into your situation and creatively open up new possibilities in your life once more.

You will discover why you feel like you do and what’s getting in the way. Some people feel as if they are merely ‘surviving’ life or just ‘existing’ and not really ‘living it to the full’.

My approach may include other facets of your problem, such as lifestyle, handling difficult emotions, learning new skills, unhelpful thinking styles, updating old beliefs, stress, relaxation, motivation and may involve providing you with new updated information relevant to your particular issue. This will of course depend upon the reason you have sought help and your therapeutic  goals.

Testimonials (printed with kind permission)

Testimonials (printed with kind permission)

" You have been the most positive person I have ever met. Words can  never be enough to show how thankful I am to you for everything you have done for me. No one has ever believed in me or understood me like you have"
Client L

"Thank you for putting the sunshine back in my life."
Client D

"Thank you from my heart for your guidance and wisdom. My time spent with you has given me a totally new and wholly positive outlook on my  life."
Client J

"Kay tapped into my needs straight away. With her guidance and help I  have taken back control of my life. I have learned to be strong, confident and assertive and I use the life skills I learned every day."
Client K

"From the first conversation with Kay I felt immediately at ease. I  heard a caring, warm and confident person that I could connect with,  something I find quite difficult to do on a private level. After 6 months of attending counselling my belief that 'life is hard' has now changed to 'life is a challenge and  you can only embrace it !' I now find that I have more realistic goals  both short and long term, so thank you Kay for coaching me back onto the road of life!'

"Thank you again for all your support, kindness and generosity over the  last year and months. You went way beyond the call of duty and I really  appreciate everything."

"I feel extremely lucky to have found Kay. When we first met, I hated  the word "counselling." But, over a period of time, Kay helped me to  develop my inner confidence and re-write my negative beliefs created in my childhood. Not only that; Kay helped me to become much healthier by advising on better eating. Now, I get up earlier, eat well, exercise regularly and have much more energy to work harder at my job. Thank you Kay."

"I found Kay to be an extremely positive person with an enthusiasm for life which rubs off. After my sessions with her, I felt better equipped with lasting advice and techniques to cope with events and feelings."

"Having benefited from counselling in the past, I was confident that it  would work again for me. The difference this time was Kay's approach- right from the start she provided me with a huge support structure and  the tools to work through my problems but most importantly she made me  feel that what I was feeling was important, she listened and respected me, never patronised me and has helped me move forward far quicker than I imagined. With Kay's help and expertise, I feel like 'me' again and I can give no greater compliment than that."

"Counselling has been a very powerful and worthwhile experience for me.  I've found Kay to be extremely professional, positive, supportive,  experienced and skillful. It has been hard work at times but I've learnt  many skills that I can use to support myself in the future."

"Counselling can seem like the hardest thing in the world when you're  not feeling at your best but by making a decision to start, you'll be making the first step to a better life.
I worked with Kay for 6 months and when I first met her, I was negative about everything and couldn't see a way through my troubled times. With Kay's help, guidance, expertise and understanding, she slowly but surely, showed me how to love and respect myself, how to be happy and not be afraid of life.
I now wake up every morning with a smile on my face, ready to face the day and my future is brighter than ever before.
If I had to recommend a counsellor / therapist to anyone, Kay's name would be top of my list. She truly is inspirational and if you're prepared to work with her and work hard to get results, you'll be  setting yourself up for a life - changing experience. And remember, you only get out what you put in!"

"Kay helped me through a really difficult part of my life. She was a refuge for me for those weeks. I enjoyed our sessions, even the difficult ones. I never felt rushed or pressurized. There has been a lasting (I hope) change in me. I am much more confident now. When I  started counselling I had hoped for a magic wand to make all my problems vanish. What Kay gave me was a dirty great shovel to rebuild my life  with. Counselling for me is about using that shovel to make lasting steady progress. It is seldom easy, but the work is worthwhile. Thanks Kay"

"Going to see a Counsellor is not necessarily easy. By actually making the first move you are already on your way to where it is you want to be. That’s a big step and sometimes the hardest one to take. Its not an admission of failure – in fact it is the opposite.
Somehow Kay makes you find the answers. She won’t give you the answers, but she will give you the support and push, you need, to enable you to make the discovery yourself – and you will thank her for it."
Client E

"Before I came to counselling I was unsure what to expect, feeling extremely low about myself and my situation, I had experienced a lot of loss and like many hadn’t had the happiest childhood, I went along feeling total despair and bewilderment but also immense relief that I  had taken the step to get help. From the first session Kay made me feel safe and ok, I was able to express myself – my thoughts, feelings and experiences and wasn’t judged or told I had done the wrong things. Kay helped me see the reality of my situations and helped me to understand the bigger picture which contributed to those situations. I was able to deal with the backlog of negative thoughts and emotions as well as process current situations in my life. I now feel better about myself and my life, I’m surer of what I want and need and that I am the best  person to make sure it happens. I am happy and looking forward knowing  with my new skills & understanding I will be able to handle what is thrown my way and maybe help others along the way but I know that Kay will always be there in the background if I need a little help. I  cannot wait to live my life, its FAB!!"
Client E

"I found Kay on the internet and the first thing I noticed was her picture and how friendly she looked. When I first met Kay I felt really at ease and the room I sat in was warm and very cosy and I felt really  relaxed. Kay is a great person and I didn’t feel pressured into anything as it was all at my own pace. After leaving each session I always had  things to think about and felt really positive. Kay always had a different perspective on things and I have learnt so much from her.
Client G

Thank you so much for giving me the tools that have made things so much  easier to deal with. I am a different person now from our first meetings and feel a lot more confident and able to enjoy life to the full. "
Client W

"Kay will be able to make you see the bigger picture of all that influences you and what you are and will help you work through ways to manage or overcome things in a positive way. She will stick by you and help you through, even if you think you can not change your feelings or  thought process."
Client H

"I went to Kay after the birth of my daughter. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about life and felt as though I couldn’t cope. I had lost a lot of self confidence and felt isolated and alone. As a result  relationships with my husband and friends felt strained. Kay has helped me to develop strategies to manage my anxiety. She helped me to  understand myself far better and to adjust my expectations of life, myself and others so that they were more realistic. I now feel as though I am able to cope with my feelings of anxiety when they arise. I feel  more at ease with myself and happy with life."
Client L

"Kay, thank you so much for all your help and guidance. By pointing out  the paths available and convincing me to turn around when I`d reached a  dead-end you have led me on a journey of self-discovery. By pointing out stuff others close to me had not realised or did not say, you made me  stand back and question the way I think. You made me realise that two of my unhelpful behaviours: gambling on the internet & doing depression were both me looking for escape routes from the situations I  found myself in life whether it be looking for excitement or feeling  trapped in my job. By asking me to talk in an objective manner about the past you helped me face up to the fact that I had for a long time been scared of failure. By making me write down my thoughts every day you  made me realise that I can act with self-discipline. By encouraging me  to break down tasks and time into smaller units you made me feel proud  of my achievements. I believe in myself again. The techniques you taught me will stay with me for life. Thank you."
Client A

"Kay's a warm listener with a quizzical sense of humour. She helped me challenge my assumptions that the best times were in the past -life's fun now. Thank you for 3 years of good sense and comfort. I shall miss you."
Client A

"Whilst Kay’s professionalism is obvious from the outset, her caring nature ensures that one-to-one sessions are very relaxed. Sharing  experiences with her is easy, sometimes sad, occasionally hilarious, but her advice always resounds long after the session. I’m glad to have  let Kay into my life."
Client L

"Counselling was very helpful for me as it got me through a very rough time in my life. I was going through a very difficult crisis in my  relationship which was close to total breakdown. The continuous advise  and support offered by you was a great help. I learnt about myself and  my weaknesses and it helped me understand and value myself as I am much more. Thanks to all the hard work we achieved understanding, respect,  trust and happiness again. I would strongly recommend counselling to anyone that recognises the need for it. Recognition of the need for help is the first positive step."
Client S

“I underwent Couples Counselling on the brink of a complete breakdown in my relationship, over a six month period the sessions helped both  myself and my partner come to terms with what had happened, recognise  how much we meant to each other and how much we wanted to be together ... we are now planning our wedding and our future life together”
Client P

Counselling with Kay has made a big difference to my life. Through learning new skills I have been able to control my anxiety, and take a  more balanced view of my life and relationships. I’ve also learned that I have the power to take positive action and make things change!
Client H

Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the past few  months. I really feel that this experience has helped me in a way I  never thought possible. You have helped me understand more about myself  than I expected to and I would recommend your services to anyone. You're brilliant! I hope you continue to help others in the way you have  helped me.
Client N

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Kay Wnekowski BA Hons, Dip Couns

I provide one-to-one and couples sessions in my consulting room for both short and long term counselling. I can also offer support telephone and email.

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“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you”.
Bob Proctor

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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