• Perhaps you are someone who knows exactly what you need or want. You know that something needs to change in order for things to be different but you don’t have all the answers you need. Getting a ‘leg up’ on the ladder of life - may help you move closer to where you want to be.
  • Maybe you are finding it difficult to put your goals into words or express how you feel right now; or you sense that something isn’t right; that you feel empty inside but can’t pinpoint why you feel like you do.
  • You may have relationship difficulties or want more from the relationships that you do have. Perhaps you feel lonely or isolated and need help to develop new relationships in your life.
  • You could be feeling feel ‘stuck’ - as if something is holding you back.
  • You may have a persistent problem, habit or addiction that is getting in your way. Maybe you want to learn more about yourself and the patterns which keep you from getting what you want and need help with motivation.
  • Some people just need a trained listener whom they can trust to help them make sense of their experiences so that they can feel truly ‘heard,’ supported and understood. You may decide that you want to explore new ways to live your life that are more meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Or maybe you feel like you have been ‘blown out of the water’ by a recent or past unexpected life event, uncertain of what lies ahead and how you will cope. Life may feel gloomy, pointless and bleak right now.

     You might be surprised to discover that change is possible for everyone!

Usually clients seek counselling because they have already tried unsuccessfully to make their lives more tolerable.

Some of my clients arrive feeling hopeless and helpless, despondent even. Others feel frustrated or even ambivalent, fed up with struggling alone and with problems that aren’t shifting. Their lives feel joyless, with little opportunity for fun or satisfaction. They have reached the end of the line!

I have noticed that when people feel positively empowered, they tend to focus on what they can do –not what they can’t. My role is to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and to help you work out what you want from life and how to get it.

Whatever your problem or need, I will help you to make your own discoveries and find a way through your ‘stuckness.’

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“In the midst of Winter I finally learnt that there was in me an invincible summer”
Albert Camus

“Healing is not about changing your address; healing is about changing your mind about yourself”
Robert Holden